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  Fujian Haiyao Co. , Ltd. is a new third board listed enterprises, securities abbreviation: Haiyao shares, Securities Code: 834631, the company is located in 618 Jinshan road, Fuzhou, Jinshan Industrial Zone, Tangerine Park, no. 34 factory and ancillary buildings. The company formerly known as Fujian Haihua Pharmaceutical Science and Technology Development Co. , Ltd. , which was established in 2005. In July 2015, the company completed the shareholding reform and changed its name to Fujian Haihua Pharmaceutical Co. , Ltd. , it was successfully listed on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations in December of that year.

  The company is mainly engaged in the production and sale of Chinese herbal pieces and the wholesale trade of Chinese patent medicines, Chinese medicinal materials, Chinese herbal pieces, chemical raw materials, chemical pharmaceutical preparations, antibiotic preparations, biochemical drugs, biological products, medical devices, etc. , it is a leading domestic enterprise integrating cultivation, scientific research, production, supply and marketing of Chinese medicinal materials and food production. The company has 23 patents of its own intellectual property rights. It is the vice-chairman unit of the Chinese medicinal materials planting and Breeding Special Committee of CMA, the vice-chairman unit of Fujian Medical Meals Association, and the Executive Vice-chairman Unit of Jiangsu Chamber of Commerce of Fujian Province.

  Since its establishment, the company has strictly followed the National Drug Administration laws and regulations, GSP requirements and related regulations, established a sound quality management system, insisted on honesty and trustworthiness, operated in accordance with the law, and kept no record of violation of regulations, enterprises continue to do solid, large and strong.

  The company currently has four wholly owned subsidiaries and one holding company: Fujian Youxi Xianjin Pharmaceutical Co. , Ltd. , Pingtan Yuansheng Trading Co. , Ltd. , Fuzhou Guolao Pharmacy Co. , Ltd. , Zhangzhou Sea Pharmaceutical Co. , Ltd. and Anhui Yingrui Health Technology Co. , Ltd. .

  Fujian Province Youxi Xianjin Pharmaceutical Co. , Ltd. . Xianjin Pharmaceutical Co. , Ltd. was founded in August 2004, located in the Xibin town of Youxi County Cross Creek Industrial Park, covers an area of 40 mu, mountain water, garden plant, beautiful environment. The company is the only pharmaceutical manufacturer in Youxi County, Sanming is the only manufacturer of Chinese herbal pieces, registered capital of 26 million yuan, more than 50,000 mu of cultivation bases for Chinese medicinal materials have been established in this province, as well as in Tibet, Gansu, Yunnan, Anhui, Shandong and Jiangxi, it is a modern production enterprise that integrates the production of Chinese herbal pieces, toxic herbal pieces, cultivation of Chinese medicinal materials, food production and trade, with an annual production capacity of more than 2,000 tons, now we have produced more than 300 kinds of Chinese herbal pieces and 9 kinds of poisonous pieces.

  Pingtan Yuansheng Trading Co. , Ltd. was established in February 2014, the registered capital of RMB 3 million, located in China Pingtan comprehensive experimental area. The company is specialized in import and export trade, self-management and agent of all kinds of goods and technology, adhering to the service principle of "supreme sincerity and sincerity, customer supreme" and the Enterprise Tenet of "sincere unity, continuous innovation, harmonious development and repaying society" , and gradually to the diversification and industrialization.

  At present, Fuzhou Guolaoda Pharmacy Co. , Ltd. is mainly engaged in drug retail. As the main business of the company, it provides the first-class intelligent pharmacy service for enterprises and individuals with the Internet e-commerce platform and big data as the carrier.

  Zhangzhou Haiyao Medical Instrument Co. , Ltd. is located in Zhangzhou, Fujian Province. It is a professional enterprise dedicated to selling three kinds of medical instruments, since the establishment of a market research, customer tracking to the whole process of after-sales service sales management system.

  Anhui Yingrui Health Technology Co. , Ltd. is a company invested by Haiyao Co. , Ltd. to produce protective products, in which Haiyao shares 51% , yihai trade shares 49% . Currently, plans to invest in a plastic glove manufacturer in Huaibei's Xiangshan Economic Development Zone.


Introduction of the chairman

Zhao Haiying,Associate Professor of Pharmacy,Bachelor Degree of Economics from Party School of the Central Committee of CPC,2017- , Executive member, Zhao Committee, The Institute of Surname Origin of Fujian,2017- , Vice President, Fujian Jiangsu Chamber of Commerce,2016- , Vice President, Chinese Medicine Cultivation and Breeding Committee of China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine,2015- , Chairman, Fujian Haiyao Co., Ltd,2010- , Vice President, Fujian Association of Health-protection Food,2007-2015, General Management, Fujian Haihua Medicine Technology Development Co., Ltd,2003-2007, Director of Party Committee Office, Fujian Province Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd,1998-2010, Director of Fujian Lijie Beauty Center (Fufei Branch, Qinyuan Branch, Tonghu Branch),1997-2010, Director of Baihe Pharmacy, Fujian Medicine Co., Ltd,1996-2001, Director of Administrative Office, Fujian Medicine Co., Ltd,1977-1996, officer of the People's Liberation Army

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Connotation of sea medicine all rivers run into sea and Kang Jian essence
Enterprise spirit: honesty, innovation, struggle, harmony and dedication
Business philosophy: casting integrity and benefiting the people
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Fujian Youxi Xianjin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd Pingtan Yuansheng Trading Co., Ltd Fuzhou Guoda pharmacy Co., Ltd Zhangzhou Haiyao Medical Equipment Co., Ltd
Addr:Building 34, juyuanzhou Industrial Park, Jinshan, Fuzhou, Fujian Province
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